It was just a normal day in the class,

When another boring lecture was about to start,

All the other students were screaming and shouting,

While I stayed quite, patiently waiting,

“what is taking so long?” I thought,

For she was never a minute behind,

“maybe she’ll not come today” a part of me said,

But I sat patiently, looking at the classroom door.

After what it seemed like an eternity,

Came the moment I was waiting for,

The door slightly stood ajar,

And a pretty face peeped in,

She has made it!

She has come!

My heart rejoiced,

Smile spread on my face ear to ear,

She stood at the spot for a while,

Catching some breath as I smiled,

She looked at me for moment,

I looked away! For I was scared,

Never in my life I dared to talk to her,

For she was pretty and I was a dork first bencher.

I accidently dropped my pen which grabbed her attention,

She looked at me and smiled,

Picked up my pen and sat by my side.

This was the first time she was so close to me,

I wanted to act cool but my body opposed me,

“THANKYOU GOD!!” I shouted in my mind,

As he has given me the most memorable moment of my life,

Never ever will I forget this beautiful day,

Because I was sitting with the love of my life,

I thanked her for picking up my pen and she just smiled,

But she had no idea what impact this small gesture had on my mind.

A minute later I heard the most beautiful voice call my name,

“Stop overthinking!” I scolded myself,

“She can’t possibly know my name!”,

“Kabir…”, she called out to me again,

I was transfixed “She knows my name??!!”,

I turned around slowly,

Not sure what to say,

I looked at her, and saw her pretty face,

Her mesmerizing eyes, her beautiful smile,

It was just like a dream, just like a fairy tale,

Her beauty was enthralling,

Her voice was enchanting,

“What is happening to me?!” I wondered,

For this, was a whole new feeling.

She waved her hand and asked where was I lost,

I shrugged my shoulders and focused on what she talked.

She requested me to explain her a math problem,

“God bless the mathematics!” I praised in my head,

As we began to solve the question ahead.

I slowly solved the sum,

Stealing glances at her pretty face,

Her flicks swayed with every nod of her head,

After I had explained she said,

“This is not that difficult, let me try one on my own”

Her eyes twinkled as she solved an example without any help all alone,

With happiness spread across her face,

She thanked me for helping her and held my hand,

And a chill like never before ran through my spine.

I will always cherish that beautiful moment till the end of time,

I wanted to savor that moment for as long as I could,

I tried to say, “You’re welcome” but I choked,

“Dear god! Please let this moment last forever” I prayed in my mind,

But the bell rang, and it I knew it was over. It was time,

She left my hand, picked up her bag and walked towards the classroom door,

With despair in my heart I watched her walk away,

I was hoping her to look back and smile and wave me goodbye,

But she kept walking away,

And soon she was lost in the crowd of students in the hallway.

I sat down on my chair thinking about the previous lesson,

“I’ll remember this for the rest of my life” I smiled,

“But don’t think too much, because you could never happen to be with her,

For she is pretty, and you are a dork first bencher.”

Maybe we would never talk again,

Maybe she’ll never notice me around anymore,

But every day I will sit at this place, and

Wait for her, looking patiently at the classroom door…

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  1. Heba says:



  2. I smiled all the time while reading this. Innocent and soft. Well done! 🙂


    1. Rohil Singh says:

      Thank you Aarushi! 🙂


    1. Rohil Singh says:

      Thank you Michelle! 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome!


  3. urvashi says:

    MashaaalllLllaaaaa :-)♥♥


  4. gaurav negi says:

    Gr8 work mate


  5. Parli says:

    A small moment perfectly framed in words …great job sir


  6. Neelima Jauhari says:

    This is amazing. Loved it 🙂

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    1. Rohil Singh says:

      Thank you Neelima! 🙂


  7. Archita Sakshi says:

    Really good👍


  8. Reblogged this on artsycraftsymumbai and commented:


  9. Fantastic. ……….good job 👍


  10. zehra says:

    Lovely ♥


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