A Heartfelt Message

People believe that heaven and hell are somewhere away from earth, but recent incidents that have shocked the nation and the world have led me think otherwise. Both these places exist right here on our planet. Heaven and hell are not places but actually are the people themselves. They are the representations of good and evil in human forms and they have been in a state of war since time immemorial. Good and evil are present inside each individual since their first breath and exist till their last heartbeat. The only thing that decides what kind of a person you will be, is the fact what you choose to become. You either choose the light inside you, or you follow the dark path. You either choose to bring happiness in other people’s life or you choose to destroy them. The sole factor that determines you personality is what you choose it to become.

Over the time, evil has started becoming stronger and more unafraid of the consequences of its deeds. Why is it so? Why has evil become so strong? The only logical answer to this question is that good is now afraid of evil. We are afraid that evil will hurt us. We believe that evil is now more powerful than ever. What the good doesn’t realize is that evil may be strong, but is always alone. On the other hand good is only strong when it is united. And the evil knows that if the good unites, its doom is inevitable. Therefore, the evil always tries to divide the good on the basis of caste, creed, religion, gender, colour and everything that could incite hatred among the people. It’s time we change this. It is time we show evil that no matter how much it tries it cannot break the force of a united stand. It is time that we, the people of India and the world stand together, without hesitation and without being afraid, without any prejudice and without any bias. The day we will accomplish this herculean task, is the day we will end the reign of evil from this world once and for all.

The road ahead is rough and full of difficulties, but if we stand together, we stand a chance. A chance for a better tomorrow for our future generations.

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